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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Crucial Things to Do with Your High School Grad

    As your child graduates from high school, it is your duty as a parent to prepare her for the next chapter of her life. This is something very important because once she enters college, she’ll be living on her own and will have to learn to fend for herself. Although this is something that you have probably been doing all her life, there are things that may have slipped your mind due to your busy schedule.

    Here are some things that must be done with your high school graduate this summer:

    Take your child shopping:
    Be sure to shop for the thing she’ll need once she’s out of your house and living on her own in a dorm. These can include personal effects, room décor or additional clothes. A laptop would also be useful for your daughter. If she’ll be attending a large campus, you can also buy her a bicycle she can use around the premises.

    Teach your child how to cook:
    This and other chores should have been taught to her by now. But if you haven’t had the time to teach her how to cook, you can take her to a summer class that teaches this important life skill. Learning how to prepare and cook simple meals will prove to be very useful for your child as she gets older.

    Encourage her to get a summer job:
    Most teenagers nowadays get summer jobs to have extra income on summer. They can use the money to buy themselves whatever they need once they start attending college. Or they can put it into their savings for future use.

    Help her pack for college:
    There will be a lot of stuff your teenager is going to have a hard time parting with. But if you help her decide which one’s she should keep and take with her to college, you’ll make her life much easier. Allocate a weekend for doing this so your daughter will have enough time to choose which to bring with her.

    Take the whole family to a vacation:
    Your high school graduate will be away for a while once she starts college. Give her the best summer yet by taking your whole family to a grand vacation. If you’ve never gone camping or haven’t done it in a long time, this could be a good chance to bring back great memories of the fun that this activity can bring. You can go on a road trip and camp in the woods for an entire weekend and give yourselves a chance to spend quality time together.

    A high school graduation is an important event. This is why it is important to make this as unforgettable as possible. Let us, at Graduation World, help you make it so.

  • Graduation Gifts For Your Hard-Working Child

    Graduation is as much an achievement of parents as their children. This is because all those sleepless nights of studying and preparation have finally paid off. So, if you have a child who’s graduating in college or high school anytime soon, “Congratulations!”

    On the day of the graduation, every parent will want to make this special day all the more memorable. They want to make sure that the gown, cap, hood set and other graduation essentials are all prepared for the night before. Even the clothes worn underneath the gown must be well-thought of. Of course, some moms and dads would even hold parties to celebrate such a milestone.

    However, a token that shows just how much you appreciate and how proud you are of your child’s achievement should also be presented. If you have no idea what to give your kid, here are some awesome ideas you can consider:

    For a high school graduate:

    Inspirational Book – this will be quite useful if your child is still contemplating about what to take up in college or what he/she really wants to pursue in life.

    Gas Card – your son or daughter will definitely thank you for it. That way, both you and your kid won’t have to worry about them running out of gas while they’re away from home.

    Laptop – this is an essential tool once he/she gets into college, with all the research and studying he or she will have to do once there.

    Shower Shoes – the thought of fungal infection in shower rooms can be dreadful. So, why not gift your child a pair of these nifty footwear along with other useful gifts, like a portable mug, piggy bank, luggage and of course, money?

    For a college graduate:

    Luggage ¬– a cool luggage would definitely be a great gift idea for college grads since most of them will be thinking about going away to another country to celebrate their graduation.

    Gift Certificates – GCs to their favorite stores would also give your son or daughter a blast after graduation. They’ll have loads of fun shopping for new clothes or sports gear to help them prepare for their next adventure.

    All-Expense-Paid Trip – if they haven’t decided yet where to go, perhaps an all-expense-paid trip somewhere is something they’d surely appreciate. Who doesn’t want to go on a free vacation, anyway?

    With these gift ideas, you’ll definitely make your son or daughter feel loved and appreciated. As for other graduation needs, trust Graduation World.

  • How Much Homework Should A Child Have

    “Homework is such a fun activity! I am looking forward to doing it every day” Says no one ever. Almost everyone agrees that homework is the least favourite task of both the students and parents supervising this. But just like a good citizen that we should be, we at least try do it and secretly hope that the dog actually eats it.

    School year has opened in some schools and is about to open for some, but the Internet is buzzing about the amount of school work the students have to face. While homework is essential in learning, or some say, Finland is doing it differently. This Scandinavian country has been known to have a more “relaxed” approach in academics. Their students have no homework and the school hours are much lesser compared to other countries. Despite this, the country boasts of high performance in Program for International Student Assessment and has one of the highest graduation rate in the world.

    A video below gives us an insight of how things are done in the schools of Finland. The interview also divulges the Finnish secret as to why a lot of their students are doing remarkably well and has most numbers that have graduated on to college than most students from other countries.

    The education system of most countries on the other hand, dump so much homework to grade school students, while there is no evidence that increasing the amount of homework improves the academic performance of the students. This poses a question a dilemma in the media, amongst academics and the Netizens. Just how much homework should a child have?

    As Finland is gaining attention with its decision to cut homework off and encourage kids to play and just be generally happy, other countries have conducted studies of possibility to cut homework hours and what could be the effect on the students. Many researchers and educators have agreed that there is a definite need to revamp most countries’ educational system. The consensus is gearing towards developing the emotional and social intelligence of the students in their crucial forming years as much as pushing for intellectual development.

    What about you? Do you agree that gives should be given a lot of after school tasks? Should homework be given at all? Did it work for you when you were still studying? Do you think that no homework approach is a good way to seeing your kids success all the way to college?

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