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How Much Homework Should A Child Have

“Homework is such a fun activity! I am looking forward to doing it every day” Says no one ever. Almost everyone agrees that homework is the least favourite task of both the students and parents supervising this. But just like a good citizen that we should be, we at least try do it and secretly hope that the dog actually eats it.

School year has opened in some schools and is about to open for some, but the Internet is buzzing about the amount of school work the students have to face. While homework is essential in learning, or some say, Finland is doing it differently. This Scandinavian country has been known to have a more “relaxed” approach in academics. Their students have no homework and the school hours are much lesser compared to other countries. Despite this, the country boasts of high performance in Program for International Student Assessment and has one of the highest graduation rate in the world.

A video below gives us an insight of how things are done in the schools of Finland. The interview also divulges the Finnish secret as to why a lot of their students are doing remarkably well and has most numbers that have graduated on to college than most students from other countries.

The education system of most countries on the other hand, dump so much homework to grade school students, while there is no evidence that increasing the amount of homework improves the academic performance of the students. This poses a question a dilemma in the media, amongst academics and the Netizens. Just how much homework should a child have?

As Finland is gaining attention with its decision to cut homework off and encourage kids to play and just be generally happy, other countries have conducted studies of possibility to cut homework hours and what could be the effect on the students. Many researchers and educators have agreed that there is a definite need to revamp most countries’ educational system. The consensus is gearing towards developing the emotional and social intelligence of the students in their crucial forming years as much as pushing for intellectual development.

What about you? Do you agree that gives should be given a lot of after school tasks? Should homework be given at all? Did it work for you when you were still studying? Do you think that no homework approach is a good way to seeing your kids success all the way to college?

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