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Why Dropping-Out of High School is NOT a Good Idea

Why Dropping-Out of High School is NOT a Good Idea


You may have heard of numerous success stories from people who never made it past high school, and even about a few who made it big with just an elementary education. While there are indeed a number of individuals who did make their mark in the world with just a few years of education, this does not mean that you should do the same.

Let’s face it. While it is indeed inspirational to see the likes of Richard Branson and Jay-Z succeeding despite not finishing their secondary education, how many Richard Bransons and Jay-Zs does the world realistically have or need?

Many students choose to drop out of high school for many different reasons – some do so because they feel they are not learning what they need to, others quit because they find high school rather difficult and still a few more do so because they find that they have to. Whatever the reasons may be for dropping out, it is strongly advised that you do not do it. Even when the going gets tough, it is better for students to experience that big day when they get their high school diploma while dressed in their graduation gown and caps.

If you search through the internet, you will find numerous advice pages talking about why high-school is no longer relevant or why it is a good idea to drop out. There are also a few that tell you how to quit high school and to still succeed. If you look at the real world however, you will see that with how competitive things are these days, having a good education behind you is still necessary.

What you may not be aware of is that dropping out of high school actually makes you ineligible for majority of the jobs in the US, and even worldwide. If you do find employment even when you are a high school dropout, you will find yourself getting jobs with lower wages than those who have a diploma for finishing secondary education. And even though there are a number of very successful individuals who have become rich even after dropping out of high school, this does not mean that you should and can be one of them.

If you are still unconvinced and still want to drop out of high school, here are a couple more reasons why dropping out is NOT a good idea:

  • You learn the basic skills needed to succeed – not everyone has the knowledge or the skills that they need to succeed at their chosen field in life, and the few who do are essentially geniuses who have a different way of looking at the world. If you are neither a genius nor a visionary, then it would be a good idea to finish high school, and while you are at it, finish college as well. This is where you will get the necessary knowledge and skills to use in finding a job, putting up a business, keeping yourself afloat, and surviving until you come upon that lightbulb moment which gets you in the same boat as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk.
  • You get to spend a few more years as a kid – dropping out of high-school will usually separate you from friends who decide to continue studying. This will also leave you with so much time on your hands that your parents will start to tell you to “get a job if you think you are too good for school.” Either way, you will find yourself being told to make yourself useful and to grow up, to become an adult, to face the consequences of your decision. Why face all that now when you can delay “adulting” for a few more years by staying in school?

These are just a few of the reasons why waiting for that day when you walk the hallowed halls of your high-school in your graduation apparel is better than dropping out. There are a lot of other great reasons from a few dropouts as well who found it harder to get ahead in life with the decision they made, and you will find these reasons in forums and question sites that tackle this subject. You might also want to talk to a few who regret walking away from their high-school diploma, in order to fully understand why it is indeed better to finish secondary education than to jump the gun, so to speak.


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