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Rush delivery available


Rush delivery available on selected products.

Rush delivery available on selected products.


Ordering products

1. How can I make an order?

There are several ways to order graduation caps and gowns and other graduation products. Graduation World offer both online and offline ordering methods. To order online, simply click the Shop Now icon. To order offline, please download an order form, or call or customer service line.

2. How long does it take for my graduation products to arrive?

We want to make sure your graduation products arrive in good time so that you can be confident of looking your best on your big day. To achieve this we have a number of processing and shipping options that must be taken into consideration when calculating delivery time. These options can be selected during the checkout process. If you are in a rush to get your graduation cap and gown, please select rush processing and the fastest possible shipping time.
It is important to note that custom items may not have a rush processing option. Additionally, estimated delivery times given at checkout are exactly that. We cannot guarantee a delivery date.

3. How can I pay for my graduation products?

When paying for your products, whether it’s a graduation gown, academic regalia or some graduation accessories, you are free to use any major credit card or PayPal.

4. There is an ‘as low as’ price on the website. Why am I charged a higher amount for my academic gowns?

Graduation World offers a bulk price, meaning that prices are cheaper the more you order. To benefit from the cheapest pricing, you will need to order in bulk for each item.

Product Questions

1. How do I know my size for my graduation gown?

To make sure your graduation gown fits well, you will need to know your height with shoes on. A sizing chart can be seen here. There is no size for the graduation caps, it is a one-size-fits-all elasticated cap.

2. How many colors can I have in my tassle?

Tassles are made up of either one or two colors only.

3. What different fabrics do graduation gowns come in?

We offer graduation gowns in a matte and shiny fabric. The different finish gives the gown a different look. Matte fabric has a classic, flat finish look, while the shiny fabric has a smoother and brighter appearance. Both look fantastic!

4. What are the different styles of graduation cap and gowns used for?

A standard cap and gown is for all graduation levels, from kindergarten students through to college graduates. For postgraduate students and academic faculty, there are different kinds and styles of caps and gowns. Masters and doctoral gowns are generally made from slightly thicker, higher quality velvet fabric with more details and stylings.
Additionally, doctoral graduates and faculty staff such as professors may choose to wear a different style of cap. Tams are a popular choice of cap, again made from a thicker, higher velvet fabric and comes with a gold tassle. Tams can have four sides, normally reserved for Master’s graduates, and a six and eight side version for doctoral graduates and academic staff.

5. What colors do I need for my hood?

The colors of your graduation hood are determined by your school and degree. The inner lining indicates the institution that awarded the degree, and the velvet color band signifies the field study of the degree.There is no standardized list for the colors, so you should contact your school to be sure you get the colors right!

6. How do I wear my hood?

Place the hood over your head, draping it over your shoulders and making sure the velvet side is facing up, and the small tapered end is in the front. Some hoods will have a cord or a button at the front, fasten it to a button of your shirt to keep it in place. Get someone to help you to ensure the back cord is secured and the back of the hood is kept together and smoothed out flat.

7. Which items can be customized?

For details on Graduation World’s customized products, please email info@graduationworld.com or call 888 970 7651.

General Questions

1. What is your mailing address?

Graduation World
15375 Barranca Parkway
Suite J-107
Irvine, CA 92618

2. Can I get a sample?

We have a section of our website dedicated to educational institutions which can be found here. If you are a school and want a sample, please go to this page, set up an account and get a sample.

3. Can I pick up my graduation gown to avoid paying shipping fees?

You are welcome to visit our facility to pick up your graduation gown. Please email us at info@graduationworld.com to set up a time to come visit.

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