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Graduation Tips

Graduation day is a huge event for both students and their families. Years of study culminate in this one special day whena graduate’s achievements are recognized on a stage in front of a crowd of friends and loved ones. To maximize this big day, Graduation World gives you our top ten tips to make sure you survive graduation day and everything runs without a hitch.

1. Get a good night’s sleep and eat a decent breakfast. Graduation ceremonies can go on a long time. There is going to be a lot of clapping and a lot of posing for photos, so you want to look your best and not have a rumbling tummy.

2. Wear sensible shoes and break them in properly. There are plenty of graduation fail videos. Don’t be that person. Put on a pair of shoes that allow you to walk comfortably and are not going to leave you with blisters.

3. Leave your phone in your pocket and turned off. It’s a big day for everyone and each graduate should be acknowledged properly. Resist the urge to get out your phone and send messages by leaving it turned off and in your pocket.

4. Be aware of the traditions of your school. Some schools have specific traditions and ceremonial practices. Make sure you know what they are so you are not caught short on the big day.

5. Wear the right clothes underneath your graduation gown. Men usually wear dark trousers and a light colored dress shirt with a tie. Women normally will wear a light dress or a blouse with a skirt that does not come below the gown. The emphasis should be on your fantastic graduation gown!

6. Get the right graduation gown. Make sure you know what color you need, and what accessories are expected. You may need to buy a hood, stole or honor cord, so don’t be caught short. Graduation World is happy to help provide you with the right graduation equipment!

7. Know how to wear the graduation cap. The graduation cap should have a directional arrow on the inside telling you which way to wear it. It is worn flat on the head and parallel to the floor. Don’t forget to take your cap off during the school song or National Anthem.

8. Plan your hair accordingly. Girls, this is mostly for you. A graduation cap will not allow for some hairstyles. Make sure you experiment with hairstyles beforehand, and guys, make sure your hair is neat after you take the cap off for the inevitable photos!

9. The deal with tassels. Tassels are usually worn on the right side and shifted to the left when graduates receive their diplomas.

10. Enjoy the moment! Although the ceremony may last a long time and feel repetitive, this is your moment to enjoy your achievement and your family will be incredibly proud. Enjoy it!

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