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Rush delivery available on selected products.

Rush delivery available on selected products.

One of the signature symbols of graduation is the traditional cap and tassel, also known as a mortar board. The cap or mortar board has been in use since medieval times and is an original part of the official dress of scholars. This classic piece of graduation heritage has a history going back centuries, and at Graduation World we honor that tradition through creating beautiful caps for every student’s big day.

Deciding whether to get a shiny, matte or eco-friendly cap? Or maybe looking for your school’s specific color? We have all the graduation caps and tassels you would ever need! Graduation World’s caps and tassels are your best option if you are looking for the perfect match for your graduation gown. All mortarboard caps and tassels are made from the finest material for comfort and gives you that classic graduation look. The graduation mortar board comes with a button to hold your tassel in place. The mortarboard tassels, made from individual strands of high quality fabric, is deeply embedded in the traditions of graduation. At many schools, the direction the tassel hangs is changed after graduation in a symbol of progression. At Graduation World, we have a huge number of tassels in a range of colors to fit your needs. If you can’t pick one color, why not have two? We offer a range of double tassels in the colors of your choice!

No matter your age, style or shape, we have the right cap and gown option for you. PhD students, faculty staff, college graduates, kindergarten students and more can get the caps they need at Graduation World! As well as the classic mortar board we also sell beautiful velvet tams and beefeaters in a variety of styles and sizes. Graduation World offer all of this for incredibly cheap prices, so why wait? Order online today!

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